“REED” This




This is a rewrite of an article I wrote on May 20, 1997. In reading through some of my old articles, I was drawn to share it. Hope you enjoy.


Before I was old enough to go to school, I had a baby-sitter that would come to our house and watch me until my mother got home from her teaching job. Her name was Gussie, and she was a small, older woman who was very kind and I loved having her around. One day I was ready to go outside and play. Gussie always went out with me and we had a fun time. This day, however, Gussie was still folding some clothes and told me to go on out to the carport and she would be out in a minute. I went on out and was playing, but it was taking Gussie too long. I went to the door to tell her to hurry, but when I reached for the door, there was the biggest, black spider I had ever seen right on the handle. I was trapped outside and only Gussie could save me. I started yelling for her, but she would not come. It was taking her forever to finish those clothes. I decided I was going to have to take action myself. I looked around and there was the mop, drying after Gussie had mopped the kitchen floor. I picked up the mop and thought I would hit the door handle and knock the spider off. Now, only being 4 years old, my aim was not that accurate. I swung the mop, but instead of hitting the handle, I hit the glass on the top part of the door. The glass broke and came crashing down, making an extremely loud noise. It scared me so bad I started crying. Gussie, hearing the crash, finally came to my aid.


We all get tired of waiting. We even get tired of waiting on God to do something. We ask Him for something or to help or give us an answer and many times we have to wait. We may even get tired of waiting and try to handle a situation on our own. When that happens, something always goes wrong because we didn’t wait on God’s timing. It’s not easy to wait, but sometimes that’s what God wants us to do. As we wait patiently, knowing that God hears our prayers, we trust in Him and know that His timing is always perfect. We may not want to wait, but we must have faith that He will answer our prayers. He always answers and always provides.


I don’t remember what happened when my parents found out about the broken glass. If I had just waited a little longer, I wouldn’t have broken the glass and wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. If you have asked God something and have not received an answer, remember, “Wait for the Lord to handle the matter.” Proverbs 20:22b


“I prayed to the Lord, and He answered me. He freed me from all my fears. In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened; He saved me from all my troubles.” Psalm 34:4, 6


Bro. Paul Reed


Tuesday, October 25, 2022