Dear Friends,

Recently, Amy and I drove down the coast of Maine.  One of our motivations for the trip was to see and enjoy the changing colors of the leaves.  We don’t get to see much of that this far south.  Having grown up farther to the north I find there are times when I miss that defining shift between summer and autumn.  The crisp morning air and the vibrant colors signal the changing seasons.  The same thing happens with the new growth of spring after cold, dreary winters.

Metamorphosis is the process by which a person or thing changes into something new and completely different.  The most recognizable example of this is, of course, a caterpillar changing into a butterfly.  We also see it between the seasons and around some holidays.  People can experience metamorphosis as well.  This could describe development from an awkward teenager into a confident adult or maybe even a complete change of character.  For believers, our metamorphosis came on the day that God transferred our individual citizenship from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of His dear Son (Col. 1:31).  Of course, the Bible promises a future metamorphosis as well, when our mortal bodies are transformed into bodies that will never die (1 Cor. 15:51-54).

Frederica Baptist Church is in the final stages of a metamorphosis of our own.  Nineteen years ago, this church was born by people with a new vision and a new focus.  For a while we wiggled around, growing and maturing, adding new people, new ideas and new direction, but always our eyes were on preparing for what we would one day become.  As the time drew closer, we began shedding things that would not be part of our new self and we entered that stage of pupation, of transformation into something that looks completely different from what we look like now.  Within the next few months, we will emerge into our bright new appearance.  It will be vibrant with color and purpose!  It will be attractive to everyone who has been watching and waiting for the big moment.  What a moment that will be!

Now, with all these good changes – and changes that update look and design are good and necessary – we must always hold strong to our unchanging foundation, God’s Word.  Even in our metamorphosis, the core of who we are will remain the same. 

If you have ever watched a butterfly emerge from its cocoon you will have noticed what a great struggle it goes through to break free. During these struggles the circulatory system carries essential nutrients to the developing wings as they fight against the wrapping of the cocoon. Whenever the struggling phase for the butterfly is disrupted (or made easy), the wings develop abnormally or not at all.  Our metamorphosis from who we were into who we will be has not and will not be easy.  That’s important, because the struggle is good for us!  As we struggle, we learn to rely upon the sufficiency of Christ and His provision for us.  That struggle should draw us closer to the truth of the gospel, knowing that the devil would like nothing better than to mire us down in internal squabbles or the external cares of the world.  If he can do that, we will develop abnormally and lose all relevance in the society that God has called us to reach.

So, embrace our metamorphosis!  Look forward to the beautiful changes to come as we emerge transformed!  Don’t shy away from the struggles but know that they will make us even stronger. Then, on that day when our moment has arrived, lift your hands to the One who has brought us through this decade’s long transformation process.  On that day our new journey begins!

Only by Grace!

Pastor Mike