Looking In

“REED” This


Looking In


This morning, I went into the Life Center to work on the presentation slides for this Sunday’s service. As I rounded the corner of the sound booth, I looked straight outside through the glass doors that I faced. At the bottom of the door, something caught my eye. It was a lizard on the outside of the glass. It was on the bottom ledge with it’s front feet on top of the ledge and was lifting it’s head up looking in through the glass. As it saw me approach, it ducked down and lay flat on the ledge, quickly changing color from green to dark gray trying to camouflage itself. I turned the computer on and went back out of the room to get something from my office and allowed time for the computer to fully boot. When I returned to the room, I saw that same lizard as I rounded the corner of the booth again. It was craning its head and neck even further than before, seemingly trying to get a better look inside the room through the glass. As I approached this time, it not only ducked down, but then jumped off the ledge and scurried off.


I thought about that lizard looking in and this question came to my mind: Do people long to look in to see what is going on inside our church? That lizard seemed to want to know what was inside as it peered through the glass. I wonder if people hear about or see our church and have the same desire? Are they wanting to see what is going on inside? Are they intrigued to know what we do? Do they long to know what’s the big deal with Frederica Baptist Church and what we’re doing?


As the building was being constructed, we heard from several people that would ride, walk, or drive by and they wondered about the progress and when it would be finished. But since then, are people still wondering about our church? Beyond wondering how it may look on the inside, are they curious about why we meet here? Why we study and preach the Bible? Why we make music with instruments and sing with our voices to the Lord? Do they long to know what makes a difference in our lives? Or maybe the question is: Do they see a difference in our lives?


Our lives should be reflecting our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. People should not only see it, they should hear it from us. Then they can be like that lizard and long to see what’s inside. Prayerfully, they won’t be scared and scurry off like that lizard. But, because of the love of Christ that we show, they will not only want to look in, they will also want to come in.


“Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:16


Bro. Paul


Wednesday, May 17, 2023