Light of Hope

Light of Hope


Dear Friends,


Over the few weeks around Easter, we received donations towards a food distribution to the families of the Light of Hope Girls Center in Chittagong, Bangladesh.  We received from you $1,005.49.  While this did not completely cover last week’s distribution it did cover most of it.  Following is a note from Debbie Mauger thanking you for your generosity:


Dear Mike,


Please pass along our thanks to your congregation for generously providing for our latest food distribution to the needy families of the girls in our school.  I didn’t get as many pictures as I planned because I was talking with each parent about the exam scores. But I did get some (below). I talked about the importance of the resurrection to have a personal relationship with God using lots of scripture. One girl who we ordered a food packet for hasn’t returned to the center so we divided the packet in two and helped two other local families that needed help. The families weren’t told about the food distribution ahead of time and were very grateful for the food, especially the oil. Cooking oil in this country has almost doubled in price in the last 2 months due to Ramadan, Ukraine war, and hoarding. Also, many other food prices have gone much higher than normal. So many poorer families haven’t been able to buy as much food as normal.


We gave each family:

22 pounds of rice                            30 eggs

4.4 pounds of flour                         7 bananas

4.4 pounds of lentils                       2.2 pounds of sugar

2.2 pounds of salt                           ½ pound of loose tea

1 quart of oil                                    1 bar of soap

4.4 pounds of potatoes                  1 bottle of shampoo

4.4 pounds of onions                      2.2 pounds of laundry detergent

2.2 pounds of oranges


We spent right around $1,150 so your church covered the cost. Please thank them very much!




I know that Bangladesh seems like a million miles away and we have so many people and problems to deal with here in Georgia and the United States.  However, over and over, Jesus calls us to give to the poor.  There are not many people groups in the world poorer than these destitute families that the Mauger’s minister to.  Knowing that they are being presented with the saving gospel of Christ (spiritual food) in addition to the physical food makes your donations of eternal value!  Thank you for giving!


Only by Grace!


Pastor Mike