Looking In

“REED” This


Looking In


This morning, I went into the Life Center to work on the presentation slides for this Sunday’s service. As I rounded the corner of the sound booth, I looked straight outside through the glass doors that I faced. At the bottom of the door, something caught my eye. It was a lizard on the outside of the glass. It was on the bottom ledge with it’s front feet on top of the ledge and was lifting it’s head up looking in through the glass. As it saw me approach, it ducked down and lay flat on the ledge, quickly changing color from green to dark gray trying to camouflage itself. I turned the computer on and went back out of the room to get something from my office and allowed time for the computer to fully boot. When I returned to the room, I saw that same lizard as I rounded the corner of the booth again. It was craning its head and neck even further than before, seemingly trying to get a better look inside the room through the glass. As I approached this time, it not only ducked down, but then jumped off the ledge and scurried off.


I thought about that lizard looking in and this question came to my mind: Do people long to look in to see what is going on inside our church? That lizard seemed to want to know what was inside as it peered through the glass. I wonder if people hear about or see our church and have the same desire? Are they wanting to see what is going on inside? Are they intrigued to know what we do? Do they long to know what’s the big deal with Frederica Baptist Church and what we’re doing?


As the building was being constructed, we heard from several people that would ride, walk, or drive by and they wondered about the progress and when it would be finished. But since then, are people still wondering about our church? Beyond wondering how it may look on the inside, are they curious about why we meet here? Why we study and preach the Bible? Why we make music with instruments and sing with our voices to the Lord? Do they long to know what makes a difference in our lives? Or maybe the question is: Do they see a difference in our lives?


Our lives should be reflecting our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. People should not only see it, they should hear it from us. Then they can be like that lizard and long to see what’s inside. Prayerfully, they won’t be scared and scurry off like that lizard. But, because of the love of Christ that we show, they will not only want to look in, they will also want to come in.


“Let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” Matthew 5:16


Bro. Paul


Wednesday, May 17, 2023



Good Tires

“REED” This


Good Tires


I have a new appreciation for tires. I recently was asked to cut a tire in half. I had assumed it would be to form two half circles, but what was needed were two full circles. That meant I needed to cut the tire down the middle of the tread. I didn’t have any experience cutting a tire, or even any kind of rubber for that matter, but I knew I had some tools that I thought would do the job. I had kept a couple of old tires for a tire swing that I never put up, so I had the tire, I just needed to get to cutting. I got my drill and a large bit and drilled a hole in the middle of the tire tread. Then I got my jigsaw and put on a new blade that could cut through metal. I know that tires have steel threads running through them to strengthen them and help hold them together, so I needed that type of blade. I inserted the blade in the hole I had drilled, lined it up to cut down the middle of the tread and began. Immediately there was smoke and the smell of burning rubber. After a couple of minutes and a gash only a little over an inch I stopped to inspect what was happening. This tire was thick, and it was going to take a good while to cut around the entire circumference of it. As I continued, my blade kept being forced to the right or left making it nearly impossible to cut a straight line. As I inspected the cut, that happened because the blade was trying to cut through the steel threads that would crisscross at an angle through the inside of the tread. After about 45 minutes, I had finally come full circle and the two halves fell to the left and right.


Tires have to be very strong. The rubber needs to be rigid to stay in the right form while also being flexible as it holds air and then hits the rocks, sticks, potholes, and curbs that it will encounter. Tires must withstand extreme pressure and heat as they roll along the ground at high speeds for hours. After traveling only thirty minutes at highway speeds, the temperature of a tire will be fifty degrees hotter than the outside temperature. If the temperature of a tire reaches 195 degrees Fahrenheit, it can begin to break down and lose its structural integrity. A blowout can then occur which we all know can cause loss of control of a vehicle. Unfortunately, I have experienced a blowout while driving down an interstate at 60+ mph. Thankfully, the Lord helped me through that, and I was able to maintain control and eased to a stop on the side of the road. Most tires never fail in that way and serve well for thousands of miles.


Most people never have need to cut a tire in half. They only need tires to be used on a vehicle. They need the tires to hold air, grip well so a vehicle does not slide around on the road, and the tread to last as long as possible before having to buy new ones. When this is accomplished, they are considered good tires because they are doing what they’ve been designed to do. 


Are we doing what we’ve been designed to do? What are we “designed” or meant to do? Micah 6:8 tells us, “O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what He requires of you: to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.” So many times Christians want to know what the Lord’s will is for their life. They strive to find out where they are supposed to live, what career they are supposed to have, whom they are to marry, should they do this, should they buy that, etc., etc. Those are valid concerns, but all of us need to remember we need to start with the basics. This verse can help us. If we follow this verse, we can know we are in the will of the Lord and the rest will be revealed to us in His time. What do we do? “Do what is right” – obey God’s Word and follow His commands. “Love mercy” – love others as God loves them, as well as appreciate the mercy He has shown you. “Walk humbly with your God” – submit your will to the Lord so that He can live through you. We are to allow Jesus to live His life in and through us. That is showing the world we are His, showing the world who He is, and showing the world the love He has for them, thus, bringing glory to God. When we do this, we are accomplishing God’s will for our lives and doing what we were designed to do.


I want to be good. Not only in man’s eyes, but most importantly in God’s eyes. I want to live my life in the way of Micah 6:8. Then, when the end of my life here on earth comes, maybe someone can say, “He was a good tire.”


Bro. Paul Reed


Tuesday, August 9, 2022